Detailed Information On Brazils Mining Fiscal Regime 2017 – A Focus on Governing Bodies, Taxes, and Royalties

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Brazils Mining Fiscal Regime 2017“, GlobalDatas latest release, presents the essential information relating to the terms which govern investment into Brazils mining industry. The report sets out in detail the contractual framework under which firms must operate in the industry and clearly outlines the governing bodies, governing laws, rights and obligations and tax-related information on different commodities.


– Detail on legal framework and governing bodies administering the industry

– Overview of governing laws, regulations, rights and obligations and key fiscal terms governing mining industry in Brazil

– Detail on royalty and applicable tax rates including

– Information on application of fiscal and regulatory terms to specific licenses

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– Gain an overview of Brazils mining fiscal regime

– Understand the complex regulations and contractual requirements applicable to Brazils mining industry.

– Understand the regulatory and taxation framework in the countrys mining industry

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Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents

2. Brazils Mining Fiscal Regime 1

2.1. Key Highlights 1

3. Brazils Mining Fiscal Regime: Governing Bodies 2

3.1. Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) 2

3.1.1. National Mining Agency (ANM) 2

3.1.2. Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) 2

3.2. Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) 3

3.2.1. National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) 3

3.2.2. Industrias Nucleares do Brasil SA (INB) 4

4. Brazils Mining Fiscal Regime: Laws and Regulations 5

4.1. The Mining Code 5

4.2. Law No. 4,118 5

5. Brazils Mining Fiscal Regime: Licenses, Rights, and Obligations 6

5.1. Research Authorization 6

5.2. Rights 6

5.3. Obligations 6

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