Our Story

The SL Aesthetic Clinic Story

It all began with a desire our founder Dr Kelvin Chua had in spreading his love for beauty and aesthetics. As aesthetic medicine became less invasive and hence more accessible by people, the decision to write the first word of our story began in the heart of Singapore. Soon after, like-minded physician Dr Gabriel Wong came on board to help write the SL Aesthetic Clinic narrative.


We bring to Singapore an array of beauty enhancing services. SL Aesthetic Clinic strives to be offer patients effective aesthetic treatments. These include non-invasive face lifting treatments such as HIFU and Thermage, and minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments such as Botox, fillersand thread lifts. Dr Kelvin Chua, Dr Gabriel Wong, Dr Charlene Goh, Dr Ho Sue Wei, Dr Mark Lim, and Dr Ashley Yuen and the team will do our best to help you achieve the look you’re after. We aim to make use of effective and proven treatments in our Singapore clinic to help you with various skin conditions, requirements and expectations. Our goal is for SL Aesthetic Clinic to ensure all guests are comfortable and receive the attention they need.

At our skin and aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we offer solutions to enhance your facial features, allowing you to undertake measures that prevent and improve sagging skin and wrinkles. Create the look you’re after and feel comfortable in your own skin by consulting with our aesthetic professionals to take care of your concerns relating to bags around the eyes, face and body issues, hair, and more.

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