Apple launched the new AirPods Pro model

AirPods Pro
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Apple announced officially its second-generation AirPods Pro at today’s Far Out iPhone 14 event, three years after the original AirPods Pro launched, which in the world of technology is a lifetime. These earbuds will have improved H2 chips that double noise reduction, customize Spatial Audio, provide touch controls, and more.

Beginning on Friday, September 9, customers can order AirPods Pro (2nd generation) online and through the Apple Store app. On Friday, September 23, the devices will be stocked in stores.

In the upcoming weeks, we expect the AirPods Pro 2 will be available at the majority of significant stores, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Better fit and sound

AirPods Pro
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The huge instruments on the AirPods Pro 2 all emanate from the new H2 processor housed inside. With high bandwidth connectivity, low distortion audio drivers, and a special amplifier, they do claim to sound better even though the design hasn’t changed. They are also advertised as having better clarity across a wider spectrum of sound frequencies.

One of our favorite features on both the AirPods and some Beats headphones, Spatial Audio, is getting an update from Apple. It will be personalized depending on the size and shape of your head and ears utilizing iOS 16 and your iPhone camera to help set up an accurate Spatial Audio profile. Additionally, it includes a free, extra-small ear tip that will fit smaller ear canals better.

Dual noise cancellation

With the help of a newly installed microphone and vent, the H2 chip’s active noise cancellation (ANC) technology reduces noise by two times as much. Additionally, the brand-new adaptive transparency mode operates at a processing rate of 48,000 times per second, reacting instantaneously to any nearby noise to block off loud sounds (like piercing construction) while letting in the noise you want to be aware of.

Touch controls

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Apple has finally added touch controls to the AirPods Pro 2 because you knew you wanted them. To control media and modify volume, simply swipe the stem. With a quick pinch of the stems, you can activate Siri and control music playing using the force sensor from the AirPods Pro that came before them.

Increased battery life and charging

The AirPods Pro 2 are even more energy-efficient, according to Apple, with a 33% boost in battery life of six hours on a single charge. You may gain 30 hours of listening time by adding the charging case, which includes a lanyard loop. Additionally, the same case may now be charged using any Apple Watch charger, including Qi, MagSafe, and Lightning cables.

All of this is meaningless, however, if you can’t find your headphones, so we’re happy that each earbud and the case itself can make their sound so you can use Find My to quickly locate them.

New charging case

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The AirPods Pro 2 look to make some promising upgrades to what have long been some of the best wireless earbuds you can buy, and we’re eager to see how the buds’ improved noise cancellation, controls, and sound quality hold up in the real world. On paper, there aren’t many compelling reasons for current AirPods Pro owners to upgrade, but they might serve as a new entry point for those willing to spend money on expensive Apple earbuds. We’ll be putting the new AirPods Pro through their full paces in our upcoming review, so stay tuned.


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