Apple Watch Series 8 has been released, featuring a temperature sensor and crash detection.

Apple Watch Series 8
The cost of the Apple Watch has remained the same. Image: Apple


Apple has announced the eighth-generation Apple Watch. Apple claims that the addition of a new temperature sensor “takes its commitment to women’s health even further.” In order to determine if you’ve been in a severe vehicle accident, the Series 8 also comes with two new motion sensors. The GPS model will cost $399, and the cellular model will cost $499. It will be sold starting on September 16th. Apple claims that it can monitor temperature fluctuations as small as 0.1 degrees Celsius and that it continuously monitors your temperature. The manufacturer claims that monitoring your body temperature over the course of an entire night can help you get insights into your ovulation cycle, which it can then utilize to improve the cycle tracking functionality of the watch for women who menstruate. After Roe v. Wade was overturned, the firm claims that this data is encrypted on the watch itself, which is critical for anyone tracking their periods. Anyone using Cycle Tracking will now receive a warning from Apple if their cycle is irregular, which might be an indication of “underlying health conditions,” according to Apple.


Apple Watch Series 8
In a well-known design, the Series 8 includes some new sensors. Image: Apple


According to Apple, the accident detection feature will only activate while you are driving, preserving the watch’s 18-hour battery life. Additionally, Apple is offering a low-power mode that increases the battery life of the watch to 36 hours. As long as they are running watchOS 9, older watches starting with the Series 4 will also get the feature. When the mode is enabled, the auto-workout tracking and always-on display are disabled, but activity monitoring and crash detection are retained. Cellular roaming is also coming to previous watches and the Series 8.

The Series 7 from last year had a slightly revised design with a larger screen than earlier models (but did not, as rumours suggested, introduce a radically new look with flat sides). Only a few additional features, such as quicker charging, increased durability, and some new colours, were included in addition to the redesign. The stainless steel version is offered in three colours: silver, gold, and graphite, while the Series 8 aluminium comes in four hues: midnight, starlight, silver, and red.


 Image: Apple


The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE are made with the least amount of environmental effects in mind. 100 percent recycled tungsten, 100 percent recycled aluminium, and 100 percent recycled rare earth materials were used to make every magnet in both versions. Two printed circuit boards on the Apple Watch Series 8 and the SiP on the new Apple Watch SE are both platted with 100 percent recycled gold, a first for Apple Watch. Both variants are free of beryllium, PVC, BFRs, and mercury. Apple is getting closer to its goal of eliminating plastic from all of its packagings by 2025 since no Apple Watch packaging includes outside plastic wrap, and at least 94 percent of the packaging is made of fibre.

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