‘Rick and Morty’ unveils first-ever interactive episode before Season 6 premiere

Rick and Morty

Surprise! The highly anticipated sixth season of “Rick and Morty” on Adult Swim is set to premiere on September 4 at 11 p.m. EDT/PDT and will be streamed on HBO Max after the show teased viewers with a menacing countdown.

After the Citadel blew up in the season finale of the previous season, “Wormageddon” urges viewers to join in the fun and stop a strange alien threat worm from taking over the globe by participating in the show’s first-ever, in-person, and global treasure hunt. This is a first for the Emmy-winning program, which follows the cosmic exploits of a sociopathic genius scientist and his timid grandson.

Rick and Morty” describe it as “truly a global story that unfolds mysteriously and powerfully… While they wait eagerly for season six to premiere, “Armageddon” is Adult Swim’s approach of placing fans who wish to participate inside a live episode.”


The locations of 14 distinctive and immersive scenes will be disclosed over the course of the next two weeks across every continent (apart from Antarctica); nine of these places are secret, and five more will be slowly revealed. The first location is Casa de Cultura Jess Reyes Heroes at Coyoacán in Mexico City, where the matriarch Beth Smith and Supernova are seen battling the terrifying worm in a 13-foot-tall handcrafted sculpture.



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By interpreting obscure hints posted on the show’s website and social media, fans must nevertheless locate the nine last concealed locations.

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, the show’s titular characters, are voiced by Justin Roiland, who is happy that fans will finally get to see this “incredibly, really wonderful and thrilling” event.

The fan interaction aspect of it and the worldwide search for these spots are simply absolutely nuts in the coolest way.

The actor Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer Smith, continues, “This feels like it’s its own serialized experience to bridge the gap between the season before and the season now, so viewers can still be delighted.”

Monday marks the official start of the treasure hunt. The winner will receive a life-size golden “Rick” head as compensation for being the first to find these “secret” “Wormageddon” scenes. A parting shot for “Rick and Morty” fans from the cast and creators of the show?

Harmon says, “May the worm be with you.”

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