Tata Group may start manufacturing iPhones in India, in talks with Wistron

Tata Group may start manufacturing iPhones in India

According to the source, Tata and Wistron are in talks to create a joint venture operation to produce electronics and assemble iPhones. According to one of the sources, the new venture’s goal is to boost the quantity of iPhones built by up to five times what Wistron presently produces in India.

Tata Group and Taiwanese supplier Wistron are reportedly discussing a joint venture factory in South Asian countries for the fabrication of electronics and the assembly of iPhones. Within the next two months, Apple plans to produce the iPhone 14 in India. To reduce its reliance on China as the primary producer of iPhones worldwide, Apple will begin working with suppliers to create the next iPhone in India far sooner than usual.

Apple’s Indian partners, including Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron, assist the company in producing iPhones. It suggests that the Tata Group, a major Indian corporation, intends to begin manufacturing the Apple iPhone in India soon.

According to Bloomberg, Tata Group is seeking to capitalize on Wistron’s expertise in product development, supply chain management, and assembly in order to position itself as a key power in the technology manufacturing business.

Given Apple’s tight quality control standards for product assembly, it’s unclear whether the company is aware of the Tata Group’s negotiations with Wistron. The transaction’s structure and other elements, such as shareholdings, are still being worked out. Tata may purchase a stake in Wistron’s Indian operations. Tata could also choose to build a whole new assembly plant. Both options have the potential to be appealing to the business.

According to one of the individuals, the new partnership’s goal is to create up to five times as many iPhones in India as Wistron now does. According to the sources, a collaboration would also likely result in Mumbai-based Tata acquiring a share of Wistron’s manufacturing business outside of smartphones.

Tata is expected to acquire a portion of Wistron’s manufacturing operations in addition to smartphones. Tata already has a presence in the smartphone supply chain, since it makes iPhone chassis components in southern India.


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