Will BGMI 2.2 Update come or not?

BGMI 2.2 update
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After Appstore and PlayStore took down BGMI recently on July 28 the version that runs in 2.1, As we know BGMI updates come every two months after the last BGMI patch update, it is now time for the BGMI 2.2 update. Many players are looking to download the BGMI 2.2 APK, but can’t download the BGMI 2.2 version. Initially, BGMI isn’t on Google Play. BGMI is only for India. After BGMI was removed, you can’t even access it with a VPN.

BGMI 2.2 Apk 

If you go to battlegroundsmobileibdia.com and look for BGMI 2.2 APK, you will find it there. Then you can’t download BGMI right now because none of the download links are working. BGMI is using version 2.1 which means that the July update can still be used.

This is not only, the RP section that is locked, and there is a timer showing that it will be unlocked in 29 days. This makes it clear that there won’t be a Month 15 Royale Pass for the game. In that case, it’s possible that the release date for the Month 16 RP won’t be on the title either.


The CEO of War Mania, Hrishav Bhattacharjee, recently posted a story on his popular Instagram account in which he said that the 2.2 updates probably won’t come to the Indian version. He also said that if Krafton fails to relaunch the game, all player IDs will be reset to Level 1 and users will have to start over.

It means BGMI 2.2 version will not come if you still want to play the 2.2 version you can play PUBG global.

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