Single Eyelids

Single Eyelids


Single Eyelids

The Case for Single Eyelids

Single eyelids aren’t necessarily unattractive. There, we said it.

The “problem” with single eyelids are that they are often not paired with attractive traits and the eyes are unattractive for reasons not pertaining to single eyelids.

It’s widely known that single eyelids are largely an East Asian trait. In fact, statistics show that at least 50% of Chinese and 75% of Koreans are born with single eyelids.

Genetically, East Asians also have some of the lowest testosterone exposure of any ethnic groups. This testosterone exposure, especially during the pre-natal stage, is what determines pubertal levels of the hormone; it is integral in shaping the features of the face and making them either attractive or unattractive.

With high testosterone exposure, one key aesthetic feature in both sexes develops: high cheekbones.

In men, high testosterone levels also lead to the formation of a strong jawline, a prominent chin, and a strong brow. Conversely, attractive women have just enough testosterone to produce high cheekbones, but not enough to masulinise the face.

Most East Asians lack high testosterone exposure: they have high brows and weak jaws/chins. Both East Asian men and women have broad, but not necessarily high cheekbones. This lack of testosterone exposure means that many East Asians’ facial bone structure do not project forward as much, which creates a “flat-faced” look. The high brows contribute to this flat-face, especially around the eye region, giving the eyes a beady appearance.

That’s why people with single eyelids are often perceived as ugly — not necessarily because of said eyelids, but because of their other unaesthetic features which often come with the single eyelid. Essentially, single eyelids are perceived as ugly by its association with other unaesthetic features.

Take Chinese supermodel Liu Wen as an example. While having distinctively single eyelids, her facial structure puts her as one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Because single eyelids are horizontally short, they tend to appear beady on flat-faced East Asians. For a pair of aesthetically pleasing eyes, it is vital to have horizontally long eyes. This can be created with double eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) or other newer, less invasive techniques.

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